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A New Place

We’ve moved into the country; we now live in a land of rednecks and Amish. The other night we saw a cop for the first time in months; the local pizza joint is the hub of the community; I have to drive 20 minutes to buy a cup of coffee or go to a thriftContinue reading “A New Place”


I’ve been worried that the antidepressants are numbing me to my emotions, and that I’m using chemicals to silence my grief. However, yesterday made me realize that, no, I’m still actively grieving. I listen to YouTube while I write papers. I’m too cheap to pay for music, and the ads I have to listen toContinue reading “Longing”

Signs, Portents, and Pills

I’m not much for omens. I don’t believe in astrology or psychics, hauntings or fairies. I don’t believe that the planets influence my future or the time of year I was born dictates my personality. I don’t think that black cats are unlucky, though walking under ladders seems like a good way to get hurtContinue reading “Signs, Portents, and Pills”

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