A factoid about this blog:

Do yourself a favor and listen to this song. I promise, you’ll cry.

I’m a huge nerd, so when I saw that Netflix had a new movie about Robert the Bruce, obviously I watched it. Depressingly, 1995 Mel Gibson was nowhere to be seen. [Modern Mel Gibson is a disappointment to us all, but I like Braveheart and 1995 Mel Gibson, fight me.] This was the song they played during the end credits, and it haunts me.

This is the song that inspired my blog name. There’s a lot about it that resonates with me, but specifically it mentions infant/child loss:

Our bonnie bairn’s there, John/She was baith gude and fair, John….
But sorrow’s sel’ wears past, John/ And joy’s a-coming fast, John
The joy that’s aye to last/ in the Land o’ the Leal

So, grief can’t stay forever. Joy has to come someday. That’s what I tell myself, and that’s what I have to believe. Maybe joy won’t come until Heaven, but it has to come, doggone it!

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