Memories Are Tricky

If you’re in the fog of grief, it can seem like far, far too much of your brain is tied up in screaming. You’re trying to eat, sleep, maybe go to work or the grocery store, talk to people like a functioning adult, and all that takes place against a constant buzz of loss.“How areContinue reading “Memories Are Tricky”

Two Years Ago Today

Ah, Jesus. What can I say that I haven’t already said? How can I express all this? Two years ago today, October 22nd, 2018, we lost our sweet little girl, Faith Elisa Gager. She was 17 weeks, 5 days old and weighed 7 ounces. She had my hands and feet. [I’ve always liked my handsContinue reading “Two Years Ago Today”

Joys Are Coming Fast: An Intro

Hello! A few things up front: This blog isn’t meant to be anything deeply insightful or fancy; this blog is about grief and my journey through it. If you’re reading this because you’re a kind and lovely irl friend, thanks. If you’re reading this because at 2:30 in the morning you googled “how to surviveContinue reading “Joys Are Coming Fast: An Intro”